Top 18 Swimsuit & Bikini Picks For Christmas & New Year Gift Shopping

Top 18 Swimsuit & Bikini Picks For Christmas & New Year Gift Shopping

Ho ho ho! Santa’s about to come riding down in that one-horse-open-sleigh down the chimneys to drop gifts because it is Christmas! The yuletide is the best period ever because the gift-giving is not left to just Santa, we also have the chance to be Santas to our loved ones because we love them, and they deserve the best.

Being a Santa to your friends and families is usually a hard task, you have to choose gifts, and the process of choosing gifts is usually very tasking because it has to be both thoughtful and perfect.

Well, if you’re buying a gift for a female, a great idea would be to buy them swimsuits or bikinis. It’s an unconventional, cool and sexy kind of gift. And on that note, here is a list of the top 18 swimsuits and bikini picks for Christmas and new year gift shopping, which are guaranteed to receive many wows from giftees.


1.      The Eva Black Gingham Bikini: This two-piece is everything perfect and more, it simply just highlights the skin tone of whoever is wearing it. A mixture of white and black solid & striped design. Whomever you gift The Eva Black Gingham Bikini to might never stop loving you.


2.     Claudia: This Soloblu one-piece looks great on anyone wearing it, it is designed in such a way that the wearer would love it to the moon and back. The feel on the skin is comfortable and perfect for anyone wearing the Soloblu Claudia.


3.     Mimi-Striped & Blu Supernova: All the burst of colors that you could ever find alluring are in this beautiful two-piece. The stripes are just perfect, it is like the remake of the rainbow, but with just five colors. The Mimi-Striped & Blu Supernova is a beauty.



4.     Mimi-Black and Print: This two-piece says ‘All is right with the world’, and all will be when the person you are gifting this steps out on the beach next summer, wearing this amazing two-piece Mimi-Black and Print.


5.     Ginerva Rainbow-Rosso: No one does not love the rainbow. It is a symbol of all things beautiful, just like this one-piece Ginerva Rainbow-Rosso is a symbol of all that is cute and beautiful.



6.     Ginerva Rainbow-Nero: If you thought bright colors were what made the rainbow awesome, add a dash of black over a few bright colors and see them shine brighter. This one-piece is just perfect, the bright colors are highlighted because of the black. The Ginerva Rainbow-Nero is nothing short of perfect.


7.      Ginerva Rainbow-Rosa: Yet another rainbow in the summer, since the summer is bright, your loved ones should be afforded the chance to shine just as bright on the summer as well in this one-piece Ginerva Rainbow-Rosa



8.      Zoe- Blue Dream: Close your eyes and dream of the color blue with all the calm it comes with, that is how this Zoe- Blue Dream two-piece will make you feel. Like you are in a beautiful dream, the kind no one likes to wake up from


9.     Zoe- Rosa Ribbed: This pink two-piece looks like a blooming flower in the fall and it is just super for a gift. The Zoe- Rosa Ribbed two-piece should get no second-guessing from you. It’s a one look kind of outfit. The moment you look at it, you just know that you should get it.


10. Linda bikini: This soloblu one shoulder two-piece speaks of elegance and class in ways that seem impossible. A box bearing this should be carried with care like it carries one of the most important treasures in the world. Because the Linda bikini is a treasure.


11.   Fiocco One Shoulder Bikini: Yet another soloblu beauty, only this time, this comes along with patterns of the palm, a symbol of life. Anyone would love to have the Fiocco One Shoulder Bikini as something they own, it is beautiful.


12.  Off Shoulder Maxi Volant: This is a one-piece that the wearer can decide to turn into an actual top just because of how classy and beautiful it is. The Off Shoulder Maxi Volant is the future of bikinis, would it not be nice to have the person you’re gifting have a place on the future of bikinis?


13.  Off Shoulder Bikini Max Volant: Oh! This is simply alluring! This two-piece was made for ladies who wanted to be classy while breathtakingly sexy. Who says you can’t have both? Gifting the Off Shoulder Bikini Max Volant to anyone is a beautiful way to say “Merry Christmas, Darling”


14. The Paula: This is just as beautiful as its name. This one-piece is the most comfortable, beautiful, elegant, and perfect swimsuit ever. A big hug and a heart filled with gratitude are what you are going to get if you purchase The Paula as a gift.


15.  The Elle: This striped beauty will pop-out on anyone who wears it. It highlights the figure of the person who gets it as a gift. Getting The Elle for a loved one will tell that you only want what’s best for them.


16. Bar Top and Swell Bottom: Some things are just so beautiful you look at them over and over again just so you can store the image of all that beauty in your mind. The two-piece Cali dreaming Bar Top and Swell Bottom is all that beauty and more.


17.  Ballet- Cuban May Gray: This bicolored one-piece swimsuit gives another meaning to shades of gray, a brighter one. The Ballet- Cuban May Gray is superb.


18. Ballet- May Gray Eggshell: The wearer is bound to look delicate in this Cali dreaming Ballet- May Gray Eggshell. Both shades of gray wrapped together to just be perfect and nothing less.

Now that you have a list of swimwear and bikini gift options, it’s time to whip out your card and start shopping. Be a Santa who knows what’s best, these bikinis are what’s best. They are beautiful, elegant, sexy and unique.